A 5 year lease has just been signed for a warehouse in Tradeston. The space is 5 minutes walk from West Street Subway and currently under construction! It hopes to host groups struggling against capitalism and other forms of oppression. It will be a safe space for all and a resource to aid groups in their aims. It will be run by those using the space, non-hierarchically and not for profit. It will be autonomous – not funded by the state or other institutions whose aims are incompatible with ours.


Ideas for the space proposed so far include: a wood workshop, print space, infoshop/library, fitness space and kitchen.


There will certainly be free accessible meeting space available. The Empty Cages Collective will be first to meet in the space, Wednesday 23rd March 2016.  Do get in touch if you require meeting space – the space is a building site at present but we aim to be as useful to groups as soon as possible!


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